FEMA Protected Education Centers

Our team has worked diligently to provide unique engineering solutions to incorporate FEMA protected shelters inside the school systems infrastructure. Designs that assure families the safety of children during unpredictable storms.

Incorporating engineering solutions to blend with the classic school system designs

Environmentally Friendly Engineered Infrastructures

Central Plant engineering and design for a large college campus utilizing ground-source heat pump system for multiple dormitories, apartments and campus wellness center.

Innovative approach to unique environmental safe solutions to energy managed building systems

Industrial Manufacturing Facilities

Our team has relationships with multiple contractors that incorporate Design-Build delivery method for client projects. The most important partnerships understand the process and have certified Design-Build Institute of America – DBIA members. 

Multiple Design/Build Industrial facilities with complex electrical infrastructures

Architect Friendly To Design And Function

Our team is excited by unique architectural designs that challenge the norm and express form and function. AEG is a TEAM member for all architects visionary talents when they have them.

Work as a team member for the Architects design visions

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